Blocks and Cryps are the FIRST EVER rival gangster NFT collection. There are now 1300 of them roaming around the Metaghetto on the Solana blockchain. Led by Tha Blockfather and Tha Crypfather they are set to battle it out for years to come.

Blocks and Cryps are the first ever collection of rival gangster crews as one NFT collection. Led by Tha Blockfather and Tha Crypfather (See Project X), Blocks are from the Crypto Block and Cryps are from the Crypto Hood. Although sworn enemies, one cannot survive within the Metaghetto without the other. Constantly fighting it out to see who reigns supreme in price, Blocks and Cryps are set to battle it out for years to come.

The OG pre-sale will see 500 available at just 0.08 Sol.

The final sale will take place on 13th December with 400 gangsters left to be minted.

Each Block and Cryp is completely unique. Some are rarer than others but all of them entitle the holder to a number of exclusive perks. This includes exclusive access to being a part of Solana’s first rival gangster crew, prizes, free NFT’s, giveaways and access to the Metaghetto – a place to hang out and chat with other likeminded G’s.

Hold to Date and Breed

The first 500 holders of either a Block or a Cryp (OG's) and 500 from the main mint will have the chance to mint a unique female gangster known as a Solly. Those who hold both a Block or a Cryp and a Solly will also be eligible to mint a randomized Lil Block (500) or a Lil Cryp (500). That means you can get 3 NFT’s for 1. For those who are successful in the pre-sale, that means 3 NFT’s for half price.

Hold to Access

Holding any Block, Cryp, Solly, Lil Block or Lil Cryp will provide you access to the Metaghetto. This will be a members only area where there will be regular prizes, giveaways, NFT chat, discussions on the future of the project and the opportunity to suggest its direction.


Project X is a core part of Blocks and Cryps and one that we believe will help to elevate all the NFT gangsters in the crews. Once all NFT’s have been minted, this will trigger the release of the ultra ultra ultra rare Tha Blockfather NFT and Tha Crypfather NFT. We will then speak to the community within the Metaghetto to decide who shall receive these coveted NFT’s and become the leader of the Blocks and the Cryps. The people chosen will be significant influencers and celebrities. We do have two people in mind already but these will be open to discussion with the community.

Once the leaders have been chosen, we will then start a marketing and social media campaign, along with all Blocks and Cryps to elect Tha Blockfather and Tha Crypfather. With 1300 Blocks and Cryps and our marketing budget behind the project we are certain that we can engage these people to become the leaders of the crews. Then once these influential leaders take up their roles and share their glory on social media, the notoriety of Solana’s gangster crews will elevate and the rest as they say will be history.



Stage 1

Create the artwork and develop on the Solana blockchain.

Stage 2

Launch the socials and secure a listing on

Stage 3

Run a social media campaign to include giveaways and promotion from key NFT influencers. Secure secondary marketplace listings for after the mint.

Stage 4

Release 250 Blocks and 250 Cryps into the Metaghetto pre-sale (500 available).

Stage 5

Release the main main of Blocks and Cryps into the Metaghetto

Stage 6

Rarity matrix published. Engage with the community to elect Tha Blockfather and Tha Crypfather. Then run a community led social media campaign to engage with the chosen influencers and celebrities to become the crew leaders.

Stage 7

Discussions about Roadmap 2.0 to take place with the community in the Metaghetto. Depending on the success of the project and what the community wants to happen; options include developing a web based play to earn combat game, trading style cards and more. There will be continued marketing and project building to help raise the floor price for holders.

Meet the Team





Lil Smoke


Don Loco

Dev Lead

Deezy D



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